REIOptimize Land Automation Group Course

Let's automate the foundation of your land business using Pebble & REIConversion. In my course, I teach you how to automate and set up all systems to properly manage seller leads, close more deals and save lots of time. 

Quick overview: I ran this course March-May 2021. It was amazing. I digitized everything and have it available for you to to start training now 😎

If you're interested, book a call with me and we can chat all things course details and next steps. (

Right now, I am offering a digital version of the course plus 10 weeks of live office hours for $3,000. There will be office hours every wednesday 3:30-4:45 CST for course takers. It's time each week to troubleshooot, ask questions, and think BIG!

I hosted a webinar giving a full overview of the course. You can view it here:

Watch the Group Course Overview Webinar Recording  

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The most important things to know

"Digital Course" is available on Google Drive and organized into folders by week. 

“Office Hours” will be every Wednesday rom and 3:30-4:45 CT. This time is meant for questions, comments, struggles and reviewing any issues you’ve encountered during the Wednesday session. (If that time doesn’t work for you, let’s chat and find another time that does. I can be flexible). During office hours, I’d like to do some live automation coaching and think of ideas for your specific business to make things more streamlined. 

A Slack Channel will be created for all of us to have a place to post questions, issues and ideas! I want this to be very collaborative. 

Below, you will find the course overview. Some of these items may apply to you and others may not. Each session will be recorded and I will be doing the set up of each of these automations right in front of you. You will then go back and set each of these things up yourself. 

If you’re not comfortable learning these automations and implementing them: please, please bring anyone additional to this training. You can bring anyone you want, no additional cost! Call up the local community college, find a student that is recommended by an IT professor to be your tech support. You will want someone to call when you have an idea or need to troubleshoot something. 

Cost of the digital course plus office hours: $3,000

Course Overview

  • Zapier 101

    • Learn how to use Zapier and how to think like a Zapper 🤗
  • Digital Heat Mapping

    • How to digitally heat map and use a map view to see seller leads
    • Quickly comp a property in map view
  • Pebble Overview

    • Sending Mailing Campaigns - 10 minutes or less!
    • Creating Templates
    • How to set up Pebble properly
    • Sending Neighbor Letters
    • How to use Properties, Sellers, Buyers
  • Zapier within Pebble

    • Pebble to Gmail
    • Pebble to Slack
    • Pebble to Google Sheets
    • Pebble to Google Event (Create event to follow up with seller)
    • Pebble to OpenPhone or
    • OpenPhone to Pebble
  • LandLeads Website

    • Creating new pages
    • How to create PatLive Page/Form
    • Using Ninja Forms
    • Add Zapier to Ninja Forms
    • Add email workflows when sellers fill out forms
    • Route leads to Pebble
  • Auto add Seller Leads to Pebble

    • From LandLeads Website
    • From PatLive
    • From Text
    • From Fax
  • Properly Manage Seller Leads

    • How to take notes on seller within Pebble
    • How to add multiple properties to one seller
    • How to add seller lead to map view
    • Automating comp process 
    • Add follow up event to calendar to FU with seller lead
  • Automate Due Diligence

    • How to train VA and communicate on status of Due Diligence
    • How to use slack
    • How to use loom
    • How to keep track of seller status
  • Document Creation Process

    • How to streamline
    • How to use SignNow (it has the best zapier integrations!)
    • How to manage reminders, next steps and follow up
  • LandList Website

    • Optimize Pebble --> LandList Integration to post properties quickly and easily 
    • Creating property template in LandList 
    • How to add maps
    • Embed videos
    • Install Follow Up Boss Pixel
    • Integrate Ninja Forms with Zapier --> Active Campaign & Follow Up Boss
    • Authorize.Net integration to LandList
    • How to collect reservation fee or down payment via CC on property form 
    • How to create password protected page to collect CC payment from buyer 
  • OpenPhone

    • How to use openphone
    • How to set up multiple lines- when to use each
    • How to use "snippets" & "templates" for texting
    • Call forwarding - using Patlive & OpenPhone
    • Setting up "auto-texts" with OpenPhone
  • Follow Up Boss 101

    • How to use follow up boss
    • How to set up follow up boss
    • How to manage tags and lead information
    • How to segment your lead data properly 
    • How to set up follow up boss action plan
    • How to automate emails & texts out of follow up boss
    • Sending leads to ActiveCampaign (Zapier)
    • Incoming Leads (Auto Add to FUB) 
  • ActiveCampaign 101

    • How to use active campaign as marketing tool
    • How to manage your lead data
    • How to build lead lists around certain areas (i.e. all leads that want to build in Florida)
    • How to build automated campaign
    • How to build landing pages
    • How to build email template
    • How to send deal of the week
  • Calendly

    • How to set up Calendly for your land business
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