Automate your land business.

Hi! Welcome to REI Optimize. My name is Callan Faulkner 🤗. I am an automation consultant (Zapier is my BFF). I'm also a land investor, a creative, and a business consultant and have helped implement CRM for Fortune 5000 companies for the past eight years. 

What is REI Optimize? I created REI Optimize because I am passionate about teaching land investors how to use technology (and well-trained VA's) to automate and scale their business. It is imperative to ensure systems are in place to track seller leads and your pipeline. We need to ensure we have the right automation to avoid manual tasks. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it must be there to scale. 

What services does REI Optimize offer?

We do 1:1 consulting with real estate investors. We provide "do it for you" and "do it with you" services to get you fully automated.

1) Seller Lead Generation: We help our clients implement SMS/texting, ringless voicemail, paid ads, cold emailing and cold calling campaigns to generate leads. Let's get that pipeline FULL! 👌

2) Organized Systems: Alright buyer & seller leads are coming in. Now what? You need a pipeline, automated follow-up, task management and dashboards to manage the health of your business. 

3) Long-Term Nurture: We implement long-term nurture campaigns for real estate investors. Why? REI's consistently lose leads that they forget to follow up. We have copywriters that write out email content and put sequences together to follow up forever 🔥  

✅ When is the last time you sent out a valuable email to your past seller leads that didn't work out? 

✅ Are you dripping out follow-up texts?

✅ Have you educated your seller leads on the area where they own property?

Things change for people. You never know when someone is going to become motivated. 

After we dig into the processes of your business, we can set up your CRM, phone systems, texting tools, cold calling tools, cold email systems, paid ads, workflows, e-signing/proposals, pipeline/activity reports, and internal communication tools like Slack. 

And P.S. We also train your team 😉

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Let's work together.

There are few ways we can work together!

If you've done 3 deals, book a 15 free discovery call so we can learn more about you and figure out your best next step. 

Workflows for President.

I am (majorly) obsessed with building workflows. I have over 25 workflows in FreshSales and 15 zaps in my land business. Here are a few examples:

Freshsales workflows

Here are some things I've automated...

  • Importing Leads into CRM

    Using the right import template this process went from 30 min to 5 min. 

  • Capturing & Organizing Sellers

    Reduced phone time per week with unqualified seller leads by driving all sellers to my website and auto-adding them to our CRM. 

  • Lead Generation

    Yes, mail can work. But so can texting, cold emails, paid ads and ringless voicemails. Let us help you put your lead generation on FIRE. 🙌

  • Automated Due Diligence Requests

    Using Zapier, my VA knows exactly when she needs to jump in and start the DD process .

  • Templated Offer Emails

    We have email templates built out to send to sellers when I'm ready to discuss their offer. Sends right from CRM (via gmail, outlook, or another email provider). 

  • KPI Reports

    Every Monday AM, we review our KPI dashboard in FreshSales to see how we did the previous week. We look at...# of new leads by source, # of proposals sent, PA's signed, $ added to the pipeline, and conversion rates.

  • Drip Texts

    Reduced major distraction & manual tasks by dripping auto texts to sellers - never ever lose track of those seller leads!

  • Auto-capture emails in Facebook Messenger

    Use landing pages & forms to capture buyer information and buyer intent. This information is used to send out hot deals, new property listings and other marketing materials. 

  • Auto-send property to VA for marketing

    When a property is ready for marketing, the team is alerted via tasks and the marketing process consists of copywriting, canva image creation, gathering photos, updating the website, and building landing pages.