The Tools: Automate & Generate More Leads

At REIOptimize, we are obssessed with finding the right tools to automate our land investing business. We also generate seller leads quicker and faster than most land investors 🙌    

👇 Scroll down for the best tools on the market (and some amazing affiliate links for better pricing!). 

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Launch Control , Direct Skip, FreshWorks, REIConvers ion/Pebble

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Want the best of the best?

Here's what we recommend 🤓

    Launch Control
    SMS Lead Generation

    Are you looking to generate more leads via texting? Launch Control is the best texting lead gen tool out there. Use our link for priority support :) We also offer custom implementations and training of Launch Control. ✅ Launch Control Project Inquiry Form 

    Sign up for Launch Control 

  • Direct skip
    Skip Tracing

    Before you send texts or make phone calls, you need to get phone numbers. DirectSkip is the best skip tracing tool out there. Use my link for 500 free skips and better pricing - .10c per lead vs. .15c per lead 😎

    Sign up for DirectSkip (and get 500 free skips!) 

  • Slybroadcast
    Ringless Voicemails

    Use the exclusive code "Land" for 100 free skips and priority support 

    We see a 2% warm call-back rate with ringless voicemails. Join one of our upcoming courses to learn exactly how :) 

  • Freshworks
    Most Robust CRM

    If you are a land investor managing a team - you need a CRM that can manage seller/buyer communiations, activites/tasks, operations, multiple pipelines and be completely automated. Our BEST recommendation is Fresh Sales (a part of the FreshWorks Suite). Reach out any time - we'd love to show you around. 

    Learn more about Fresh Sales 

  • Rei conversion logo 1 (1)
    REI Conversion/Pebble
    Best Tool for Property Mgmt & Mailing

    Pebble is the CRM I recommend for land investors starting their journey. It is easy to use and set up. In addition, if you are sending mail - their mailing tools are top notch! 

    Learn more about Pebble & REI Conversion 

  • Robot ink
    Robot Ink Marketing
    Better Direct Mail

    Struggling with opens? Want 99% open rates? You've found the right platform :) I've partnered with Robot Ink for direct mail because they are the best of the best. Trust me. 🤓

  • 664ffc89ff539b531cc46813 clay logo black 2024
    Best enrichment and automation tool

    Scale personalized outreach with better data enrichment. Help your RevOps and growth teams go from campaign idea to outreach in minutes. First, maximize your data coverage with 75+ enrichment tools and our AI agent. Then, use AI to craft the perfect outreach.

    Learn more about CLAY! 

Launch Control Implementation

Our team assists real estate investors in getting Launch Control implemented into their business. 🙌

We will be responsible for content, building all templates, strategy and most your VA's to use the tool. You'll be generating leads from texting in no time 😎

Fill out the form below for Launch Control Implementation Scope of Work, Timeline, Budget & Next Steps...