CRM Consulting for Real Estate Investors

CRM (Customer Relationship Management). You've heard the word. Maybe you've tried to implement one.
Maybe you feel overwhelmed thinking about building out a system that properly manages your leads, your pipeline, activities and operations. It feels like a *daunting* project. Well, let us help! 😉

At REI Optimize, we offer consulting services to fully build out your systems to manage acquisitions, closing/title, marketing and sales. 

You'll never lose a lead again. And, your team will be completely on the same page. Sound interesting? 

Hit the button below and let's book a discovery call so I can figure out what your pain points are 😎 

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    All properties by stage

    In my business, properties move through multiple pipelines: 

    • Acquisitions
    • Acquisitions Closing (Title with Seller) 
    • Marketing and Sales

    It's so important to be on the same page with your team and know where properties are at all times. 

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    Manage the Numbers

    Are you tracking Key Performance Indicators in your business each week? You should be! 😎

    Here's what we track:

    • # of Calls (Inbound & Outbound)
    • # of Text Messages
    • New Leads 
    • Offers Sent 
    • Purchase Agreements Signed
    • New Escrow Opened
    • Properties Purchased
    • Properties Listed
    • Properties in Closing with Buyer
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    Seller Leads - What happened to them?

    One of the most important aspects of our CRM implementation is making sure that you are constantly updating your selled leads so that you know what happened to them. They are either cold, interested or dead. 

    If you're doing multiple forms of marketing, such as text, calling, mailing, etc. - you need to go into your tool every month and export the leads that are still marked as "cold". That's your marketing list!

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    Manage Spends Easily

    If a seller ghosts your or says they're not interested now, we help you set up automated sequcnes of SMS, call reminders, tasks, emails and voicemail drops.